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Ministry of Education Introduces “Rules” to Use Cell Phone in Classes

The time has arrived for the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) to determine the use of devices in classrooms.

Therefore, MEP presented the regulations for the use of cell phones for high school students last Monday. Costa Rica is the first Latin American country to develop such a guide.

The authorities created these regulations through a process that involved students, parents, teachers, administrative staff and school directors of Cartago, the Department of Technological Services of MEP, Fundación Omar Dengo and Fundación Telefónica.

“Movilizate”, a strategy developed by the MEP in 2016 after a directive allowed the use of cell phones in classes.

“We are aware that our country requires a curricular transformation that encompasses all educational processes and is involved in educating the young,” said Alicia Vargas, Vice Minister of Education. She said that the use of cell phones requires cultural, educational and other changes.

Vargas highlighted the pioneering contribution of the regulations, and stated that it is not possible to demonize technological resources that are of daily use for students, but must be used in development.

For Leda Muñoz, director of the Omar Dengo Foundation, this alliance seeks to promote the appropriation of technologies for the development of people’s skills.

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