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Caution: Dog-sloth-monkey-human Xing


It seems like a recipe for disaster: (1) The way people drive in Costa Rica, and (2) an abundance of wildlife. You would think each highway would be littered with roadkill. You could imagine an entire food chain of different species sprawled on the asphalt with tire treads imprinted in their scales, fur, and feathers.

Not so. Most jungle animals are too savvy to risk crossing busy roads, and thanks to handy signs – like this one in Manuel Antonio – people know when to keep an eye out. While Costa Rican drivers can get pretty creative about merging and passing, traffic is generally pretty slow, even on the highways. And respect for nature is one of Costa Rica’s hallmarks.

There are lots of different signs warning drivers of wildlife, including a “sloth crossing” sign in front of the Sloth Sanctuary in Limón province. If you’re accustomed to the same boring “deer crossing” signs, you’ll likely crack a smile at the silhouette of a rain forest creature by the side of the carretera.

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