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Life in Color returns to Pedregal to spray fans with paint

When you hear “world’s largest paint party,” you may expect constant explosions of liquid splashing over writhing crowds. With a name like “The Big Bang World Tour,” one pictures never-ending detonations of color.

But mostly, the “paint” part of Life in Color consists of a performer in a wild costume gradually spraying the audience with a paint-filled hose. The concert climaxes with a “paint blast,” and the lead-up is long and carefully orchestrated.

But exploding pigments are just a gimmick – Life in Color is broadly action-packed, providing hours of entertainment before the gyrating throngs get truly soaked in sticky paste. Buskers and stilt-walkers weave through the crowd, glow sticks whirl through the air, and beer flows freely throughout. (Heineken is the most prominent sponsor, so Dutch lager enthusiasts may rejoice.)

The franchise started in 2006 in Florida, where it toured local college campuses. Today, Life in Color hosts more than 200 concerts per year around the world.

Because of the neon paint and lighting effects, most people wear white, which helps the non-toxic color stand out – and it’s best to stuff your electronics inside a sealable plastic bag or other protective container. According to party promoters, the hoses shoot about 100 gallons of paint per minute.

The real purpose of Life in Color is to showcase an international cast of DJs, who spin the gamut of dance mixes and often share the stage with Vegas-style performers. You’ll likely see acrobats, dancers, stilt-walkers, hula-hoopers, and mascots dressed in outrageous costumes. It’s kind of like a smooth acid trip without the actual LSD.

The artist lineup in Costa Rica includes Los Angeles-based Diplo, Israeli Borgore, and Chicagoan Crespo, and you’ll find dozens of other performers onstage and scattered among the crowd. Last year’s concert drew about 10,000 fans, most of whom left a little more colorful.

“Life in Color” takes place March 21 at the Pedregal Event Center, Belén. 3 p.m. ₡25,000 ($50). Info: SpecialTicket.

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