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“Abstraccionísimo” explores the passions of Christian Porras Piedra (also known as C Po Pie), a member of a new generation of artists in Guanacaste. As a composer, vocalist, musician and visual artists, Porras delves into multiple disciplines and techniques.

The youngest of three siblings, his mother studied art at University of Costa Rica Bellas Artes, and introduced Porras to the fine arts. This combined with his father’s musical talent led Porras to develop innovative and diverse approaches to express his talents.

Porras built on his skills studying at the University of Costa Rica, attending numerous workshops and seeking the guidance of intellectual mentors (including Carlos Arguedas Molina). Today, Porras paints with acrylics in a less academic, more passionate way, with a heavy Guanacasteco influence.

Looking for his own distinct interpretations, he separated the fine art from his music. While engrossed as a composer, he created two musical productions with original content, Ticolandia and Diverse Land Guanacaste.

When he paints, Porras draws on his daily experience and incorporates aspects of both pop-style and impressionism.

Whether wielding a brush or a guitar, Porras has found plenty of opportunities for his creative output, participating in cultural activities in and out of Costa Rica, including countries like Canadá, Guatemala and Colombia.

On Saturday, June 29th, his newest exhibit, entitled “Abstraccionísimo,” will open at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The gallery is located 5 kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber Airport. For more information, contact 2667-0592, 8386-6872, or


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