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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Industry trade fair to focus on carbon neutrality

A carbon-neutral trade fair is coming to Costa Rica in April. ExpoIndustria 2013, held April 18-19 at the Centro de Eventos Pedregal in Belén, Heredia, will focus on the Costa Rican industrial sector, and some 200 businesses are expected to participate, particularly in the manufacturing sector. 

According to the Costa Rican Chamber of Industries, ExpoIndustria is one of the year’s most important trade fairs. “The idea is for companies to network and identify new trade opportunities,” the chamber said in a press release. 

According to chamber vice president Martha Castillo, this year’s fair will focus on helping businesses achieve carbon neutrality, which is also a political goal for the country. 

“This will be the first fair of its kind in a country that has the specialized goal of reducing its ecological footprint,” Castillo said. 

ExpoIndustria also will showcase workshops and conferences focused on innovation, energy efficiency and human resources. 

“ExpoIndustria will offer the ideal climate for conducting business, as well as top-rate discussions that will help companies improve their bottom line,” Castillo said. 

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