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Amnet cable company to change its name to Tigo

Costa Rican telecommunications company Amnet will be renamed Tigo on July 23, following a buyout by the European company Millicom International Cellular, an Amnet press release stated.

Tigo is the visual image of Millicom for Latin America, and the first visible change will be in all corporate image and branding. The company also will announce new products and services, the statement said.

Tigo’s Costa Rican operations will include 500 employees and 23 offices across the country.

“We are celebrating this change and we will offer our customers innovation in cable television, Internet and phone services. Tigo will make a difference in the market,” said Angelo Iannuzzelli, the company’s general manager in Costa Rica.

Millicom International Cellular began operations in 1979 in Europe and now has offices in 13 countries in the Americas and Africa. Based in Luxembourg, the company acquired Amnet Telecommunications Holding Limited in 2008.


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