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Parents need to have more fun, study finds

Oreo, the world-famous sandwich cookie maker and self-described “best-selling biscuit of the 21st century,” believes the “spirit of childhood” is endangered, according to a statement issued by the company.

Oreo’s “Global Spirit of Childhood Report” came out Wednesday, dropping the intellectual firebomb that 59 percent of parents worldwide “don’t have fun on a daily basis.” Of those parents polled for the report, the statement said, 54 percent “rarely experience the feelings of delight they did when they were children.”

The survey, administered for Oreo by Ipsos Public Affairs, asked more than 7,000 parents with children in 20 countries, including online surveys and face-to-face interviews with parents in Costa Rica, about quality time spent with their kids and families. About 70 percent of adults surveyed said children are growing up faster than before and need more time to “just be kids.” Additionally, 77 percent of those surveyed said they want to be more carefree, like when they were kids.


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