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Corn Festival Highlights Tradition

The fifth annual corn festival in Mollejones, 22 km south of San Isidro de El General, drew more than a thousand people last weekend. But corn wasn’t the only focus. Here we see residents demonstrating the age-old method of rice grinding, which entails removing the hard outer layer, or husk, of the grain with a pilón, (a mortar and pestle).  

The development association of Mollejones organized the festival, and proceeds are invested back into the community to fund projects. Held in the communal building near the center of town, the festival’s activities included a corn husk dress contest, soccer games, a marching band performance, traditional dancing and the crowning of the corn festival queen. Chicha, an alcoholic beverage made from corn, was enjoyed by friends and family. While the area is primarily known for producing coffee, several fields were planted in August with corn in anticipation of the festival.


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