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New Congestion-Busting Buses Could Launch in Oct.

Costa Rican transport authorities have announced that the new intersectoral bus routes set to circle San José and connect the city’s outlying districts may finally launch in October, four months later than planned.

The seven new routes were set to rev up early June, but the plan was curbed following a Transport Administrative Tribunal ruling that transport officials acted “irrationally” in awarding the bus contracts, along with allegations of nepotism.

Costa Rica’s public buses are run by private companies.

The Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) says the buses – meant to ease downtown congestion and shorten commutes – will run eventually, although a specific launch date was not provided.

“To meet public interest, by means of a temporary permit, the Public Works and Transport Ministry will put into service the intersectoral routes starting in October,” according to a MOPT press release.

The ministry estimates this period to last as long as it takes to hold a new contract bidding process.

The authorities said they owe it to the public to get the buses moving.

“We can’t pass the buck … to the (bus) riders,” MOPT Minister Karla González said.



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