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Poll: 45% think Arias doing good job

Forty-five percent of Costa Ricans think President Oscar Arias is doing a good or very good job, while 21 percent think he is doing a “bad” or “very bad” job, according to a recent survey by polling firm Borge y Asociados and PODER, a new politics magazine.

Thirty-one percent think Arias is doing an average job as president and 2 percent did not respond.

Satisfaction with the Arias administration´s performance is strongest among women, young people and people with college education. Dissatisfaction is centered in on the Caribbean coast, where 35 percent say he is doing a “bad” or “very bad” job.

The poll also delved into people´s opinions on the amount of power possessed by Rodrigo Arias, the president´s brother and minister of the presidency. More than half (52 percent) of those surveyed said the two brothers government jointly, while 27 percent said Rodrigo is the one who governs. Only 12 percent said Arias governs alone.

In terms of support for political parties, Arias´ National Liberation Party (PLN) remains the strongest with 30.8 percent support, followed by Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC) with 8.8 percent, Citizen Action Party (PAC) with 7.5 percent, and the Libertarian Movement with 1.3 percent. Nearly a quarter (22.8 percent) of respondents said they supported no party and 28.9 percent did not respond.

The poll has a sample size of 408 and was taken during the last week of June. It has a margin of error or plus or minus 5 percent.


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