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New NT Surf Column is Your Guide to the Waves

Hey everyone and welcome to the newest edition to The Nica Times: The Chica Brava Surf column, where I’ll be bringing you the latest news in and around the surf scene in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is home to some of the very best waves in the world, picking up consistent south swells made even better by the constant offshore winds coming off Lake Nicaragua. I am based out of the once-sleepy fishing village-turned tourist and surf hub San Juan del Sur.

This year we’ve had consistent surf since January. Unusual south swells prevailed through the early months of the year and have only grown as we enter the true southswell season, which starts in late May and runs through September.

We kicked off this year’s National Surf Competition Circuit in Playa Maderas last March. The surf contest was a huge success, with San Juan’s own Luis Chamorro winning first place in the Open division, his cousin, Rex Calderon, winning first place in the Junior division, and his brother, Augusto Chamorro, winning first place in the International division. A family dynasty? Perhaps. Last, but hopefully not least, yours truly won first place in the Women’s division.

The results were similar in the season’s second surf contest in Las Penitas near León, only that Rex took first in both the Open and Junior divisions. Rex’s success story does not end there. In between the two National Circuit contests, the National Team traveled to Panama to represent Nicaragua in the third Annual Central American Surf Championships, held this year in Playa Venao. Not only did we have a blast in Panama but also represented Nicaragua with a passion as Rex won 1st place in the Junior division after a stellar performance in all rounds and the final heat.

Back to San Juan del Sur, the surf scene exploded with excitement upon hearing the news. Parties were held, trophies were displayed, and of course, surf videos were watched intensely.

It is safe to say that the ante has been upped, so to speak, in terms of individual surfer’s performances in the water as all try to emulate the young surfer’s style and command in the Maderas line-up.

Playa Maderas has been more crowded at the beginning of this year’s surf season compared to seasons past, as news spreads throughout the United States and beyond about the world-class waves here. It can only be expected that the breaks will continue to grow in terms of the sheer number of visitors, sunbathers and surfers alike.

Now is certainly a great time to be in Nicaragua and enjoy the wonderful majesty of a place that has not yet been fully “discovered”… well not too much, at least.

Signing off with this month’s inaugural surf report, I’m Ashley Blaylock, the Chica Brava of San Juan del Sur!

Be sure to check back in each month as we explore a range of topics related to surfing in Nicaragua, including information on various surf spots, the local surf culture, National Surf Circuit news, what’s hot, what’s not, and what you can do to get more involved in surf events in and around San Juan del Sur. See you next month!

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