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Surprised by U.S.’ New Respect for Democracy

Dear Nica Times:

After all the threats and bad blood between the United States and Sandinistas, I was surprised to hear that the Bush administration was looking to have “positive relations” with Nicaragua’s new President, Daniel Ortega (NT, Dec. 1, 2006).

I remember the 1980s, when the Republicans did everything in their power – often illegally, as the 20th anniversary of Iran-Contra reminds us – to oust the democratically elected Ortega governent from power. Now we want to be friends with our old Marxist menace? Could the Cold War finally be over, even to the Neocons?

To all my old friends who suffered under the Contra war in the ‘80s, I look forward to making sure that this new-found respect for Nicaraguan democracy stays that way.

Keith Shepard

Columbus Ohio, USA




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