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U.S. General Pays Visit to Costa Rica

U.S. General Brantz J. Craddock announced during an official visit with President Abel Pacheco and Security Minister Rogelio Ramos Wednesday that the joint crime-fighting operations between the United States and Costa Rica will continue without change.“Crime, terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, poverty and political instability do not respect or recognize borders,” he said. “Southcom (the U.S. Southern Command) will continue working with Costa Rica and supporting the efforts of the Costa Rican government to find solutions to common security problems.”Ramos said the subjects of human and arms trafficking are “important subjects, above all because of the conflict in Colombia.”He added that he appreciates Craddock’s visit, the general’s first to Costa Rica, and that the two countries will continue to exchange information and perspectives, particularly regarding the fight against drug traffickers.Craddock assumed control of the U.S. Southern Command on Nov. 9, 2004. Before stopping in Costa Rica, he visited the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana, both in his jurisdiction.


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