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Friday, June 2, 2023

Pacheco Grieves with Britain After Bombing in London

In response to the London bombingthat claimed at least 40 lives and injured700 yesterday, Costa Rican PresidentAbel Pacheco joined world leaders inexpressing his grief and offering prayersfor the victims.“What sorrow that humanity couldcome to do these things we are seeingnow,” he told Channel 13 TV News.Four explosions tore through a double-decker bus and the London subwayduring the morning rush hour. A groupcalling itself the Secret Organization ofal-Qaeda in Europe claimed responsibility,but the claim’s authenticity had notbeen confirmed at press time.The attacks coincided with the summitof the leaders of the eight most powerfulnations in the world, the G-8, inGleneagles, Scotland.Georgina Butler, British Ambassadorto Costa Rica, said there is increased securityaround the embassy’s offices in downtownSan José.“The attack is an abuse of our beautifulcapital city and people,” she added.For information on victims of theattack, call the embassy at 258-2025.


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