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New Comptroller Gets to Work

AFTER a week of controversy, RocíoAguilar started her new job Wednesday asComptroller General of the Republic.Legislators swore in the new comptrollerTuesday afternoon, eight days after theynamed her to the post in a controversialprocess that left some lawmakers claimingfoul play.Aguilar spent Monday, the day beforeher swearing-in, answering questionsabout her past before a legislative commission.Legislators last week demandedthe testimony because Aguilar did notparticipate in the official contest for theposition, which included an evaluation ofeach candidate by a commission (TT, July1). That said they wanted to ensure shewas fit to hold the post, which involvesreviewing the government’s contracts andfinances, particularly for irregularities andcorruption.Until last week, Aguilar was head ofthe National Concessions Council.William Calvo, the council’s former legaldirector and a 34-year veteran of theMinistry of Public Works and Transport(MOPT), has been named as Aguilar’sreplacement.Independent legislator José MiguelCorrales has raised allegations that anomaliesoccurred in the awarding of the SanJosé- San Ramón highway concessionwhile Aguilar headed the concessionscouncil. However, no evidence of this waspresented by any legislator at Monday’shearing, La Nación reported.Corrales, along with Patriotic Bloclegislator Emilia Rodríguez and the presidentialcandidate for the DemocraticNational Alliance, former Justice MinisterJosé Miguel Villalobos, has filed a requestfor an injunction from the ConstitutionalChamber of the Supreme Court (Sala IV)against the election of Aguilar. Theyclaim the selection process was unconstitutional.Aguilar replaces former comptrollerAlex Solís, who was booted from the postlast December after holding the positionfor only six months, amid accusations heforged signatures.


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