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Alan Parsons Coming to San José

MUCH to the delight of many Gringos and Ticos alike,rock legend Alan Parsons will be bringing his “LiveProject” to Costa Rica Feb. 6 and 7. The artist’s popularityhere was quickly made evident when his originally scheduledsingle appearance on Feb. 6 sold out in just a few days,prompting a second show to be added Feb. 7.Parsons has worked with at least two of the world’s legendarybands – the Beatles and Pink Floyd – and is responsiblefor a number of the songs from the 1970s and ‘80sthat Tico cover bands can’t seem to redo enough.The English singer-songwriter and recording engineeris a rock legend in his own right, having participated inrock acts that have evolved with music lovers’ tastes overhis 30-year career. His latest album, “A Valid Path,”released Aug. 24, 2004, features electronic music superstarThe Crystal Method, and a guest appearance by Pink Floydguitarist David Gilmour.Parsons’ official Web site,,plugs “A Valid Path” as a merger of “cultures, sensibilities,instrumentation and artists in a unique but completely naturalblend.”Parsons himself says, “The industry is changing and Ifeel the need to capture a different kind of audience whilestill keeping my identity. Electronic music is the fastestgrowing music category right now, and I’m enjoying workingwith new people and new technology.”The album is his first in five years, and is available atmusic stores and online at his ‘80s-ish aura, old-school rock roots and recentventures into the club scene, Parsons could attract nearlyeveryone in Costa Rica, from the teenage El Pueblo clubberswith their bellybutton piercings to their graying Gringoescorts, and every cab driver with a sound system in San José.“¡Me encanta ese mae!” (“I love that dude!”) was theresponse to an informal Tico Times opinion poll. The firstand only Tico this paper consulted on the upcoming concertgushed those magic words with his hand on his heart,adding, “¡Es super tuanis!” (“He’s super cool!”).“It will be two hours of good rock…no lasers, no theatricaleffects, but it’s a good show with a good sound. We liketo concentrate on music,” the singer said in a press release.The Alan Parsons Project, which debuted in 1976, wasa collection of vocalists and musicians who interpretedParsons’ and singer-songwriter Eric Woolfson’s “conceptuallylinked, lushly arranged and orchestrated music,” hisofficial biography raves. One of the most famous tracks heproduced is Sirius, known best as the Chicago Bulls’ themesong played at NBA games.The Project was immortalized in the minds of lovers ofcampy comedies and Canada when Mike Myers, as Dr. Evilin “Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me,” called hisdeath ray “The Alan Parsons Project.”The members of his touring band are as well connectedin the music world, each having played with rock all-starsacross the globe: lead guitarist Godfrey Townsend touredwith The Who before he signed on with Parsons, and wowsaudiences with his classic rock and blues guitar; drummerSteve Murphy has worked with the likes of Sting, JohnEntwhistle, Billy Squire, Phil Ramone and Celine Dion;bass guitarist John Montagna is one of New York’s top bassguitarists; keyboardist Manny Focarazzo comes from along line of professional musicians; and singer P.J. Olssonhas been featured on Letterman and in Newsweek, USAToday and Rolling Stone magazines.After Costa Rica, Parsons will travel to Ecuador, Chile,Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Mexico.The concerts will take place in the Melico SalazarTheater in San José. Tickets cost ¢12,000-25,000 and can bebought at Bansbach stores in Multiplaza and San José,Sharper Shop in Mall San Pedro, Hipermás in SanSebastián, Curridabat and Heredia, and Maxi Bodega inAlajuela and Desamparados. For more information, call207-2025 or visit


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