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Honduran Police Capture Massacre Suspect

TEGUCIGALPA (EFE) – Honduranpolice this week captured a member ofthe Mara Salvatrucha street gang suspectedof participating in the Dec. 23 massacreof 28 people on a public bus in thenorthern city of San Pedro Sula.The man, identified as Juan CarlosMiralda, alias “The Panther,” was arrestedSunday in the eastern town ofJutiquile and was arraigned in San PedroSula on charges of illicit association andpossessing prohibited weapons. Stateprosecutors said they expect to file murdercharges this week.President Ricardo Maduro said that11 people have been arrested so far forthe massacre. He said the courts willapply the full weight of the law to thoseresponsible for the bus attack, whichplunged the country into mourning overthe Christmas and New Year’s holidays.The gang members who opened fireon the bus left a message opposing thedeath penalty for the police to find. Theuse of capital punishment is expected tobe a major campaign issue in next year’spresidential race in Honduras.


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