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U.S. Football Games Broadcast for Thanksgiving

THE U.S. Thanksgiving football tradition startedNov. 25, 1920, with the 7-0 victory of the Akron Prosover the Canton Bulldogs. Over the years, pro-footballcame to be associated with Thanksgiving Day untilfinally, two cities came to host the classic ritual –Detroit and Dallas.This year, the Detroit Lions will host the Green BayPackers at 11:30 a.m. and the Dallas Cowboys will hostthe Miami Dolphins at 3:05 p.m. The players will commemoratepast victories by wearing uniforms from theirteams’ eras of stardom.In Costa Rica, several bars will show these games,U.S.-style.Big Dog’s Santa Ana 2000 is the only bar in CostaRica that gets the National Football League (NFL) signal,according to Xiomara Espinoza, chief of personnel.“We have a big-screen TV, several smaller ones, andwe get satellite and DirecTV,” she said.Big Dog’s is a U.S. bar that serves Costa Rican andU.S. food and drinks, with branches in Escazú, Pavas,and San Francisco. For more info, call 282-1157.ANOTHER U.S. sports bar that is likely to transmitthe game is Hooligan’s Multiplaza, in Escazú, with abranch in Terramall, on the highway to the province ofCartago. Hooligan’s Multiplaza has 17 televisions, abig-screen, cable and offers a variety of drinks andfood. The phone number is 201-8261.Outback Steakhouse in Plaza Izcatzú, in Escazú, hascomfortable booths, a bar, several televisions and aselection of Aussie specialties. For additional info, call288-0511.T.G.I.Friday in Escazú also has comfortable booths,a balcony area, bar, plenty of televisions, cable and willsurely change the channel, if necessary, to accommodatetheir customers. It offers a wide variety of drinksand cocktails, and excellent U.S.-style food. The numberis 228-8343.


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