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Author Records Liberia’s History in Tribute to Settlers

In perhaps the most comprehensive book on the town ever published in English, “Liberia, my tribute to its settlers, to my people,” by Juan Rafael Muñoz, takes an in-depth look at Guanacaste’s largest town, leaving virtually no topic untouched.

Covering history, geography, topography, industry and culture, the book gives readers an overview of Liberia and Guanacaste. Muñoz accomplishes the difficult task of informing and educating readers without overwhelming them with historical facts, dates and details. The use of historical documents and accounts bring color to the events that Muñoz covers.

The work is divided into 12 sections, seven focusing on history from pre-colonization to the beginning of the 21st century.

Muñoz explores Liberia’s unique geography, as well as the agricultural industry in the area, recounting its history and the effect it has had on the region.

In his final chapter, he explores the changes Guanacaste has undergone in recent years, such the increase of air traffic at DanielOduberInternationalAirport.

He also addresses the rich culture the area has to offer, including poetry, dance and folklore.

Muñoz adds color throughout the work by incorporating interesting little-known facts, such as that the town of Liberia was founded by residents of Granada, Nicaragua, who were fleeing the pirate attacks that menaced that city.

Although heavy in content, the book is a rather easy read and is incredibly thorough in its information. Numerous photos and illustrations throughout the work give further insight into the topics.

For anyone interested in Liberia, or the surrounding area, Muñoz’s “Liberia” is definitely recommended reading.

The book can be purchased online by going to A list of stores that sell the book is available on the Web site.



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