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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In 2024?

For most individuals, dental implants represent the optimal choice for replacing damaged, unhealthy, or missing teeth. However, the high cost associated with this premium tooth replacement option can be surprising. This is why many opt to travel overseas to seek treatment.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

When inquiring for dental implants, it’s important to understand no two procedures are the same, which is why costs are always given as a wide range. Implants are complex and may require multiple procedures (such as bone grafts, sinus lifts or temporaries). At Prisma Dental, we recommend anyone interested to send their radiographs for our doctors to have a better understanding of their case than just ask the cost of dental implants.

The elements that go into the final cost of a new implant tooth or teeth include:

  • Comprehensive dental exam, including 3D imaging
  • Extraction of problem teeth, if necessary
  • Installation of the dental implant(s)
  • Placement of the abutment hardware
  • Fabrication of the dental crown
  • Placement of the crown

Overall, dental implants are a long-term investment and their cost reflects this. In the US, the total cost per tooth usually ranges between $3,000 and $4,500, while a full mouth of implants can cost between $60,000 and $90,000.

At Prisma Dental Clinic in Costa Rica, patients can receive the same high-quality dental implants for a fraction of the cost. Typically, the price for a single tooth ranges from $1,700-$2,300 and a full mouth from $22,000 to $40,000, representing significant savings without sacrificing quality or care.

Traveling abroad for dental treatment is the most cost-effective option for dental implants, and an estimate specifically for your case will give you the best understanding if it’s worth the travel (which most of the time it is). Quality and patient care are also factors to keep in mind, not only costs.

The clinic offers state-of-the-art facilities, experienced dental professionals, and personalized care tailored to each patient’s needs.

For those considering dental implants, Prisma Dental Clinic in Costa Rica offers a smart, affordable option. Don’t let high costs keep you from achieving a healthy, confident smile.

Contact Prisma Dental Clinic today to learn more about their dental implant services. You will be able to speak directly with the doctors to inquire about the procedures and costs specifically for your individual case, or email your radiographs for a rough estimate to

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