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ICE Announces No Power Cuts on Monday

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) announced that next Monday, May 13, there will be no power cuts as previously planned.

The information was confirmed by Marco Acuña, President of ICE, through a video published on the institution’s social media channels. Acuña explained that recent rainfall in the country has replenished some of the reservoirs, addressing the water shortage that had hindered hydroelectric power generation.

“We have implemented additional measures within the electric system to ensure that rationing will not be necessary for Monday,” Acuña added. While energy reserves are currently sufficient to meet demand and maintain system stability on Monday, Acuña clarified that power cuts will commence on Tuesday.

The Division of Operation and Control of the Electric System (DOCSE) confirmed on Saturday that energy reserves will indeed be adequate to cover demand and ensure system protection on Monday.

Additionally, technical teams successfully restored operations at the Miravalles III Geothermal Plant, further contributing to the system’s energy generation. Acuña expressed gratitude to ICE employees for their dedication in minimizing the impact of the climatic event on the country’s inhabitants.

“I thank the workers of the institution for their tremendous daily effort, in striving to ensure that this climatic event, which affects the entire region, has the least possible impact on the country’s inhabitants,” noted Acuña. ICE encourages the public to continue reducing non-essential electricity consumption and stay updated on any developments through the institution’s website and social media platforms.

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