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Nantipa Hotel in Santa Teresa: A National Geographic ‘Best of the World’ 2024 Highlight

The Nantipa hotel, situated in Santa Teresa, earned a well-deserved place on National Geographic’s “Best of the World” list for 2024. Nowadays, travelers are actively seeking experiences that afford them the opportunity to fully disconnect, recharge, engage with local culture, and immerse themselves in nature.

A large number of vacationers opt for wellness retreats and hotels that offer the opportunity to leave behind the daily routine and the possibility of embarking in new adventures.

With the collaboration of editors, writers, photographers, and explorers, National Geographic curated a selection of the “latest, greatest, and most innovative places and experiences to help you relax and rejuvenate.” The publication sheds light on the lifestyle of Nicoya Peninsula residents, renowned for their longevity.

“Many inhabitants of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula live to be one hundred thanks to a healthful diet and active lifestyle, placing the region among the world’s five Blue Zones,” stated Nat Geo.

Regarding the hotel, the article highlights several features that render it a unique and ideal destination for a relaxing vacation.

“This new hotel and retreat embraces this distinction, offering fish- and veggie-forward cuisine in its restaurant, organizing yoga sessions on the beach, and providing stress-reducing environments (guest rooms adorned with natural wood and stone, massages in open-air cabanas),” the article noted.

This boutique hotel boasts an innovative, modern, and luxurious design that complements the scenic and natural beauty of the area, as well as the warmth and hospitality of the town where it is situated.

Santa Teresa’s natural allure is renowned, prompting the hotel to offer various experiences such as guided hikes to the nearby Montezuma waterfall and volunteer opportunities at a turtle hatchery.

Alongside Hotel Nantipa, other notable mentions in Central and South America include Banyan Tree Veya Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California, Mexico, and The Shack in José Ignacio, Uruguay.

To review the full list of places visit Nat Geo.

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