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Costa Rica Calls For Water Conservation Amid Looming Drought Concerns

With national meteorological forecasts predicting drier than average conditions in early 2024, Costa Rican officials are urging residents, businesses and industry groups to exercise careful water usage and planning during the upcoming dry season. The call for conservation aims to sustain essential water access even if rationing becomes necessary in parts of the country.

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) currently expects below average rainfall for the first and potentially second quarters of 2024. Experts say the whole region began 2024 with pre-existing water supply deficits, meaning drier months ahead could further strain aquifers, reservoirs and rivers.

In response to the projections, the government and water management authorities advise that prudent water consumption must become a shared priority across civic and commercial sectors in the coming months. Officials recommend households aim for a target of 15 cubic meters of water use per month.

Intendant of Water Marco Cordero stressed that “responsible management of water resources will ensure availability in the future.” He added that delaying announcements of supply interruptions is only justifiable under sudden infrastructure failures or production emergencies. Even then, water providers still must communicate expected durations of service loss and planning information to users.

When rationing does occur, existing national regulations require companies to deploy alternative water access such as tanker trucks or temporary water points guaranteeing safe, drinkable supplies for impacted communities. Officials point out that rationing often varies across different regions and local networks given decentralized infrastructure.

Looking ahead, the government plans to provide advance warnings to allow families and businesses time to prepare temporary contingency plans in the event periods of water scarcity arise. Suggested conservation strategies include capturing rainwater, reusing greywater for irrigation, and reducing usage in showering, laundry and dishwashing.

Through collective foresight and responsibility from Costa Rica’s water users, the country hopes to traverse unpredictable climate challenges without taps running dry.

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