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Costa Rica Dazzles on “The Golden Bachelor” with Scenic Beauty

Costa Rica took center stage on ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor” as Gerry and his remaining contenders, Theresa and Leslie, embarked on a romantic escapade to the captivating locale of Arenal for their enchanting dates.

Gerry was captivated by Costa Rica’s breathtaking natural beauty, expressing his joy at visiting the country.

“There is all this beautiful scenery around us. Everything is green. There are the sounds of cicadas in the trees. The backdrop is a volcano. This is pretty incredible. This is an amazing place to fall in love,” remarked the show’s stars.

Gerry and his companions found accommodations at The Springs Resort and Spa, with Gerry promptly labeling the five-star hotel as “spectacular.” The women shared Gerry’s sentiments and thoroughly enjoyed their Costa Rican experience.

“Costa Rica surpasses any place I’ve ever seen. It’s beyond my wildest dreams. The allure of nature, the captivating beauty, and the jungle sounds are simply intoxicating. I feel like I’m in heaven right now,” added Leslie.

Whether one prefers thrilling outdoor pursuits or a laid-back beach retreat, Costa Rica, with its diverse offerings, proves to be the ideal setting for a romantic getaway with a special someone.

Theresa added her praise, describing the rooms as “heaven on earth” and noting that it is “the most breathtaking resort I have ever seen in my life.”

Situated with a spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano, natural hot springs, five fine dining experiences, and an impressively full-service spa, the expansive 165-acre hotel property stands 1,000 feet above the Arenal valley, providing breathtaking views from every vantage point.

During their Costa Rican stay, Gerry seized every opportunity to immerse himself in the country’s natural beauty. From rappelling down a 170-foot waterfall to horseback riding through the jungle, Gerry and his chosen companions embraced Costa Rica’s adventurous spirit.

For those inclined towards more thrilling activities, The Springs Resort and Spa’s adventure center offers options like inflatable river kayaking, river tubing, horseback riding, rock climbing, rappelling, wildcat feeding, nature tours, and fishing—ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who seek the thrill of adventure amidst Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes.

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