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Costa Rica’s Sustainable Blockchain Week

Known worldwide for its rainforests, commitment to environmental protection, and progressive sustainability policies, Costa Rica is now aiming to cement itself as a global leader in another cutting-edge realm: blockchain technology.

Blockchain Week in Costa Rica begins November 16 with a series of events designed to highlight Costa Rica as an epicenter of sustainable blockchain innovation. The week will feature conferences, workshops, hackathons and cultural celebrations, offering opportunities for education, collaboration and advancement.

“We want to show that blockchain can pair perfectly with our core values of sustainability and conservation,” said Minister of Science and Technology Paola Vega. “Costa Rica has always been a pioneer in green technology. Now we are ready to take that same mentality and apply it to the world of blockchain.”

The cornerstone of Blockchain Week is Blockchain Jungle 2023, a gathering in San José that interweaves blockchain sessions with celebrations of Costa Rican culture. Attendees will learn about advancements in 5G, AI and Big Data while also touring coffee plantations, tasting local cuisine and learning about wildlife conservation efforts.

Blockchain Jungle 2023 promotes blockchain not just as an end in itself, but as a tool that – when responsibly developed – can support sustainability.

Meanwhile, Ethereum Day at Texas Tech University in Alajuela offers immersive education in the Ethereum ecosystem. Participants will gain practical skills in utilizing digital wallets, writing Solidity code, minting NFTs and more.

The Tico Blockchain Forum 2023 rounds out the week, inviting blockchain enthusiasts to network and discuss trends. Speakers from around the world will share their expertise.

With Blockchain Week, Costa Rica affirms its place on technology’s cutting edge while staying true to its ecological ethos. The country’s investment in human capital and promotion of sustainable practices provide the foundation for leadership.

“We are ready to blaze a new trail,” Minister Vega declared. “The rainforest is our inspiration – we will grow blockchain technology organically, from the roots up.”

Come together in downtown San Jose for a transformative day of motivating presentations, hands-on workshops, and cooperative discussions that will reimagine the intersection of blockchain and sustainability.

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