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Bishop of Tilarán-Liberia asks La Negrita to intercede for the people of Nicaragua

Monsignor Manuel Eugenio Salazar condemned the recent expulsion from Nicaragua of the Missionaries of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and prayed for the Nicaraguan people who are currently suffering.

The Bishop offered a prayer to Our Lady, asking for her help for the Nicaraguan people. “Loving mother and powerful Mother, we implore for a miracle for Nicaragua,” he said.

Additionally, he asked everyone to turn their eyes to the neighboring people of Nicaragua, condemn the violence, and call for the release of political prisoners.

“I am offering this Eucharist with all of you and, especially, for our fellow people of Nicaragua; because of the difficult situations they are living; because they are our neighbors; because I am a border bishop, and because I feel, see, hear, suffer and listen to their problems,” said the bishop of the Diocese of Tilarán-Liberia, in his sermon.

Regarding the expulsion of the Missionaries, he stated that he repudiated the events and the persecution inflicted on the Church.

“We condemn their expulsion from Nicaragua. We condemn the psychological harassment they were victims of,” added Monsignor Salazar.

The church was filled with Catholics from his diocese, and the delegation of Missionary Sisters of Charity was invited as part of the pilgrimage group.

On July 6, a group of 18 nuns from this congregation crossed the migration checkpoint in Peñas Blancas, Guanacaste, after being expelled by the Nicaraguan government.

Now, with the support of Monsignor Salazar, they are considering opening a new mission in Cañas with at least six nuns to support evangelization work and care for the most vulnerable.

“We beg La Negrita that the international community intervene to seek democratic, civilized solutions for the Nicaraguan people,” the Bishop.

Daniel Ortega has been characterized by persecuting those who oppose his regime, including the Catholic Church. The expulsion of the group of nuns does not come as a surprise.

The representatives of the Catholic Church in Costa Rica have shown their solidarity and support for the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, and in general, for all the Nicaraguan people.

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