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¡Toro! Beloved bull sculpture returns to Avenida Central

The first time you lay eyes on this four-legged fellow, you might think, Aw, what a cute sculpture of a bull!

You might not know that the sculpture began its bovine existence as a part of CowParade, an international public art series started in Switzerland in 1998. (Those wacky Swiss.)

You might also be unaware that this bull was created in honor of Mario Gilberto Solano Quirós, alias “Marito Mortadela,” the famous busker who used to play on Avenida Central until his untimely passing last year. Indeed, the bard of Avenida Central was known to perform right next to the bull.

For some time, the sculpture disappeared from the busy pedestrian walkway, but it returned in April and is apparently here to stay. While we don’t recommend climbing onto the bull, as this child is doing, the sculpture is a lighthearted reminder of a dearly missed San José celebrity.

En paz descanse, Marito.

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