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Beyonce poses at waterfall, on beaches in Costa Rica

Beyonce zip lining

Beyonce adds some style to a zip-lining harness in Costa Rica. Courtesy

Costa Rica has arrived.

U.S. R&B singer Beyonce Knowles uploaded her tumblr “My Life” this week with photos of her recent vacation here with husband rap mogul Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy.  

The singer sports a “Smile Costa Rica” tank top at a waterfall (where’s the “pura vida” love, Bey?), reclines at the beach, and tries her hand at paddle boarding. She’s got to keep up her abs even on vacation, right?

Beyonce manages to make zip-lining gear look fierce and even gets a little dirty posing with a traditional Costa Rican oxcart, complete with cow skull. Someone should have told her that there are much prettier ones down here.

Arenal Volcano even made the cut. Queen Bey’s stay in La Fortuna de San Carlos, near the iconic volcano, adds some credence to its growing profile as a international tourist destination. Earlier this week, TripAdvisor listed La Fortuna as one of its “Top Ten Emerging Destination of 2013.”

Hip Hop’s first family traveled to Costa Rica in November (you might have seen our Facebook posts and tweets by now). 

Still waiting for that shot of Jay-Z in a guayabera. 

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