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Thieves rob 18 tourists inside Caribbean hotel

Five armed robbers forced their way into Hotel Samasati, in the Caribbean province of Limón, and held up some 18 tourists in the early hours of Thursday, local news station Telenoticias reported.

According to reports from the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ), the thieves went straight to the rooms in which the tourists – most of them U.S. citizens – were sleeping, herded them into a single room and locked them in. OIJ estimates the crooks stole some $6,000 in cash, digital cameras and other personal belongings.

They also took a car from the hotel’s owner, and then slashed the tires of all vehicles in the parking lot, before fleeing.

One of the tourists was taken to a local clinic after receiving a punch in his face, Telenoticias reported.

OIJ preliminary reports state that the hotel’s security officer was not at his post at the time of the assault.

The hotel is located in the southern region of Limón, near the border with Panama.

L. Arias
L. Arias
Reporter | The Tico Times |

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