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T+Karpio celebrates contemporary art across San José

As a gift to her father to celebrate his 30 years as a gallerist, Tulsi Karpio is hosting art openings across San José.

“I was born into this culture of art,” Karpio said. “I am definitely following in my dad’s footsteps.”

Other gallery showings in T+Karpio, listed by gallery, artist and opening time, include: 

Aug. 30
Klaus Steinmetz Gallery: 10 Peruvian artists, opens 8 p.m.
Enmarcarte Gallery: Chile’s Ciro Beltran, opens 6 p.m.
Aug. 31
Kiosko SJ, numerous artists, opens 6 p.m.
TEOR/eTica, numerous artists, opens 6:30 p.m.
MADC: Adan Vallecillo, opens 7 p.m.
Adromeda: Venezuela’s Clemencia Labin, Argentina’s Benjamin Aitala and Gaby Messina, opens 8 p.m.
Jacob Karpio Gallery: Argentina’s Manuel Esnoz, Jose Rosenblatt and Javier Rossel with Chile’s Francisco Valdes, opens 9 p.m.
Sept. 1
9 Cuartos Collective in El Cedral, Avenida Escazu: Guatemala’s Maria Fernanda Carlo and other Costa Rican artists, all day
Sept. 2
Villa Caletas-Zephyr Place: Argentina’s Ana Cruz Iturrieta and Gerardo Echevarria, opens 3 p.m.

Her father, Jacob Karpio, is a Costa Rica-based, world-renowned collector and gallery designer. His gallery was named one of the 75 best galleries in the world (post-war to post-millennium) by the German publication “International Art Galleries.” Karpio shares title with Beyeler, Leo Castelli, Yvonne Lambert, Marian Goodman and Marlborough. All are considered key players in the evolution of contemporary art, and represent the most important artists of recent years.

“He’s discovered so much talent,” Tulsi Karpio said. “These events are a celebration of this success.”

One of the most notable shows in the tribute is “La Encomienda,” on display in the Klaus Steinmetz Gallery in Escazú. Comprised of Peruvian artists hand-selected by Tulsi Karpio during her time in Lima, this show explores minimalist urban geometry.

One of the artists is Christian Fuchs, whose work reinterprets city centers. “These locations are testimonies to the people that exist in them,” he said. “The graffiti, cafés and faces are the footprints people leave in public places, and I interpose these images for additional interpretation.”

The image Fuchs’ is displaying in “La Encomienda” was taken in the U.S. city of San Francisco and is one of 20 in a separate series.

Hans Stoll, another of the artists, created two pieces by layering images of cities around the world. “Cities grow with confusion,” he said. “I photographed panoramas of places that weren’t always especially pleasing to the eye, and mounted them atop each other in the same disorganized manner in which urban areas can develop.”

Of the 17 pieces in Stoll’s series “Hipertélico Urbano”, the two that appear in the Klaus Steinmetz Gallery are made of images from Lima and Barcelona.

Other participating artists in “La Encomienda” include Jorge Cabieses, Mateo Cabrera, Fabricio Calmet, Sergio Fernández, Nicole Franchy, Diego Lama, Cecilia Paredes, Fernando Otero and Luis Martin Bodganovich. The curator is Guiliana Vidarte.

Taca Airlines is the premier sponsor of the “La Encomienda” artists, and The Klaus Steinmetz Gallery is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The exhibition runs through Sept. 22.


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