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‘Magical Trees’ of Costa Rica bloom in pages of book

The spectacular show of blossoms put on by the trees of Costa Rica during the past few months is now permanently enshrined in the pages of “Arboles Mágicos/Magical Trees,” published by the Magical Trees Foundation.

The cortez amarillo with its brilliant yellow blossoms, the nearly vanished palo de arco and its delicate pea-flower-like blossoms, and the cenízaro with its fuchsia puffs are just a few of the nearly 50 trees showcased in the 180-page book. Each entry is accompanied by informative and lively text – in Spanish and English – by noted writer and musician Jaime Gamboa of the popular group Malpaís, and beautifully illustrated with pictures by photographic family Juan José, Sergio and Giancarlo Pucci. Father Juan José is an award-winning nature photographer, son Sergio is a renowned professional photographer, and son Giancarlo is a talented amateur photographer.

“This book marks my first steps as an amateur photographer, but with such good teachers it hasn’t been that difficult,” Giancarlo Pucci told The Tico Times.

Giancarlo Pucci is also the founder of the Magical Trees Foundation, which aims to increase awareness about the importance of trees, especially native ones, in order to promote their conservation.

“Magical Trees” is available at Librería Internacional and Café Britt stores for approximately ₡17,900 ($36). Proceeds from book sales go toward financing the foundation’s objectives, mainly environmental education and planting of trees. Other books and items such as artwork, handicrafts and seeds are also offered by the foundation as part of its fundraising efforts. For more information, see


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