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Da Vinci exhibit to enlighten Costa Rica

An exhibit showcasing the works of one of the most widely diverse geniuses of all time is coming to Costa Rica in a few months. Some 135 replicas of Italian Renaissance artist, inventor, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor and philosopher Leonardo da Vinci will be on display in July and August at the La Aduana arts and technology center in eastern San José’s Barrio Escalante.

According to the website of the traveling exhibit “Da Vinci: The Genius,” Italian artisans worked from da Vinci’s codices to faithfully craft interactive and life-size replicas of the master’s inventions, including the first concepts of a car, bicycle, helicopter, glider, parachute, scuba gear, submarine, military tank and the ideal city. The exhibit also features facsimiles of da Vinci’s most famous codices, anatomical studies and Renaissance art.  

The exhibition will include a roughly two-hour tour of 14 areas, guided by European art curators who will offer explanations about the pieces. The price of admission will be $15, with discounts for children, seniors and organized groups. Sponsored by the Culture Ministry, the San José Municipality and the Central Bank Museums Foundation in coordination with organizer Grande de Centroamérica Producciones, the exhibition will also feature a high-definition, life-size re-creation of “The Last Supper,” 3-D animations explaining the “Mona Lisa,” the “Vitruvian Man” and other famous da Vinci works, and the “Secrets of Mona Lisa,” an analysis of the famous painting conducted at the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

“This is a cultural investment that will be beneficial to the country,” Culture Minister Manuel Obregón said in a statement about the exhibit, which was announced last week. “I think that no other person has accomplished more in various disciplines as successfully as Leonardo da Vinci did.” 

The exhibition has been displayed around the world, including in Russia, Argentina, Hungary, England and the United States.

For more information, visit the traveling exhibit’s website at


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