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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Israel Was Wrong, Ortega Was Right

Dear Nica Times:

In response to the July 2 letter stating that Obama should be more like Ortega in condemning the Israeli attack on the unarmed Turkish aid ship in International waters: Ortega is in line with the rest of the world, including the United Nations.

It is usually only the United States that unconditionally supports Israel. And when Israel never allows an independent investigation, they look guilty.

This is not the first time Israel has attacked an unarmed ship. Remember when they attacked the unarmed surveillance ship the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, killing and wounding over 200 Americans? That was the day before Israel invaded and occupied Jordan’s Golan Heights during a four-country ceasefire (the other countries kept their word).

Of course Israel has the right to defend itself. But doesn’t everyone have that right, including Turkish ships, Palestinians and everyone else?

The UN Declaration of Human Rights says, “All people have the right to resist occupation.” But doesn’t everyone, include Palestinians, Jordanians and Lebanese, not just Israelis?

And regarding your coverage of Nicaragua, I want to bring some stories to your attention. The success of the government’s “Zero Hunger Program” is impressive in how much it has helped many Nicas. It is a good example for other countries.

Also, the government has opened 14 hospitals and 24 child-care centers. Some months ago your paper mentioned the government’s school lunch program feeding many needy children.

Ortega gets a lot of bad press, especially from the U.S. media, which has always preferred to support evil dictators like (former Nicaraguan dictator) Anastasio Somoza, (former Chilean dictator) Augusto Pinochet, (former Cuban dictator) Fulgencio Batista, and others.

More newspapers should print the good stuff about Ortega, too.

Gene McDonald



Editor’s Note: Thanks for the suggestions. We have given extensive coverage to the government’s “Zero Hunger” program (see Hambre Cero Changing Lives in Campo, NT Feb. 13, 2009). We have also reported on criticism that the program is too under-funded and poorly managed to have any serious effect on poverty reduction. Also, The Nica Times’ position is decidedly anti-evil dictatorships.


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