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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Ortega’s Bonuses Are ALBA ‘Peanuts’

Dear Nica Times:

Regarding the article “Ortega Gives Bonuses to State Workers” (NT, May 7), the hidden message behind the bonuses, Gen. Hugo Torres is quoted as saying in the article, is that they will continue only as long as Daniel Ortega remains president.

So in that sense, he said, the bonuses are meant to reinforce Ortega’s cult of personality and his “illegal” reelection bid.

Where does this money go if Ortega is not re-elected? Who really owns the money? One billion dollars could create a lot of jobs, better wages, better education opportunities and put more food on the table. And not just for a few selected recipients.

The amount of money given to each worker represents a large bonus, at least as a percentage of their monthly salaries.

Therefore, the bonuses will carry more “mind weight,” and serve to separate the state workers from the masses.

The message is: we are working “with and for” Ortega, and look what we get in return.

The whole thing should be more publicized. The money that ALBA generates is for Ortega’s personal use, and it is only a tiny fraction of what he has hoarded away.

The truth is that very few people really know this. If voters did know, they would realize that they are only getting the peanuts from the bottom of the ALBA jar, and they’re not even salted!

David Cardin



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