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The Telephone Company Won’t Leave Me Alone

Dear Nica Times:

I’m not sure if the CLARO phone company is becoming desperate because of the global recession, of whether they’re just bored, but for the past several months I have received a constant and obnoxious barrage of text-messages from this company, offering a whole range of ridiculous promotions and cheap advertising.

They send me inane promotions such as “enter a raffle to win thousands of  cordobas, and even a blender, by sending the word Fortune to phone number 2009.” Or they try tantalizing me with an offer to “triple your minutes today if you re-credit your phone,” which, by the way, is not true. (They give you the normal minutes, plus double credit on their horribly worthless “bonus minutes”).

It is truly a pathetic form of harassment to receive unsolicited text spam all day long from a cell-phone service provider that acts like some 13-year-old teenager sending text messages all day long.

It’s especially irksome to be on an important phone call and receive numerous beeps from incoming text messages from CLARO.

I have politely told CLARO to take me off their f ’ing spam list. But they told me I had to take a number, wait in a long line of people who were complaining about getting double billed by the phone company, and talk to a sales representative and perhaps fill out a form.

No thanks. It’d be easier and ultimately more rewarding to throw my cheapo CLARO cell phone in Lake Nicaragua and go buy a new one from Movistar (until they annoy me to the point where I give up cell phones all together).

Am I frustrated with my third-world phone service?

CLARO que estoy molesto!

Név Hamis





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