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Coors Light taps into Costa Rica

Coors Light is on its way to Costa Rica. The Golden, Colorado-based beer with the slogan “Tap the Rockies” has officially tapped into the Costa Rican beer market, the U.S. company said last week.

Molson Coors Brewing Company announced that it is teaming with distributor Agencias Feduro, based in San José, and will begin to sell the “silver bullet,” a nickname for the silver Coors Light can, in upcoming weeks.

“We are proud to partner with Agencias Feduro (Costa Rica) and excited about the opportunity to bring the world´s most refreshing beer to beer drinkers in this beautiful country,” said Paul Mendieta, Molson Coors managing director for Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, in a statement Thursday.  

“We intend to continue growing our business internationally, particularly in this region of the world,” Mendieta said.

Coors Light will be sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, bars and casual dining restaurants throughout Costa Rica. The statement from Molson Coors said they chose to enter Costa Rica due to the country´s growing interest in “light” beer. Molson Coors anticipates that light beer will soon make up 30 percent of the beer market in Costa Rica.

The Coors Light bottles and cans in Costa Rica will feature the image of snow-capped mountains as the backdrop to the imprint of the Coors Light name. The bottles will incorporate the “Cold Activation” technology introduced by Coors Light in 2007. The snow capped mountains on the Cold Activation Bottles become blue when the beer is chilled and “cold enough to drink.” The feature is made possible by a thermochromatic ink that is included in the bottle label.

The entry into the Costa Rican market is the latest relationship created between Coors Light and Latin American countries. Coors Light is currently distributed in Mexico and Panama and will launch in Trinidad and Tobago and Curacao Bonaire in upcoming months. Molson Coors said sales of Coors Light jumped over 35 percent over the last year in Mexico and over 150 percent in Panama.


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