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Nicaragua-made stogie gets presidential treatment in U.S.

MANAGUA – A Nicaraguan cigar maker is having a smoking success with a new brand in the United States, using the name of the North American giant´s new president.

“Habanos Obama” cigars are selling at a rate of 10,000 per month, according to Mike Ramírez, one of the owners of Granada 1524 Cigars Inc, which distributes the products made at Segovia Cigars, in the northern Nicaraguan town of Estelí.

The Obama smokes have been a “huge success” since their launch during the U.S. electoral campaign, Ramírez told news agency EFE.

The bulk of Obama cigar sales have gone to California, Texas, New York, Florida and Las Vegas, as well as several cities in Europe and Asia.

For Segovia Cigars manager David Ahgmed Fernández, it´s not just in the name. Fernández said the secret is in the cigars´ “smooth and novel” blend, and “also that the cigar is a big Habano made in Nicaragua.”


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