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Spain Said to Have Donated $35M for Water

The Costa Rican Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) could receive $35 million in funding for a series of water quality projects thanks to a donation from the Spanish government.

AyA Director Ricardo Sancho said the funding is the result of lobbying by President Oscar Arias.

“As part of the results from President Oscar Arias’ recent European tour, the Spanish cooperation will finance potable water and water treatment projects that will benefit thousands of Costa Ricans,” Sancho said. However, the Spanish Embassy told the daily La Nación this week that it was reviewing Arias’ request and had yet to approve the financing.

According to a statement released by AyA, the town of Conte de Pavón, in the Southern Zone canton of Golfito, would receive “an integrated aqueduct” system, and the design for the $5 million project will be ready by the end of the year.

Boca de Arenal, in the northwest region of San Carlos, is also set to receive an aqueduct.

That $5 million project will bring potable water to nearly a dozen small communities, totaling about 5,300 people.

Another $7 million is to go toward a potable water system for the southern tip of the Caribbean province of Limón, including Bribrí and the border town of Sixaola.



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