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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Costa Rica gas stations feeling drop at the pump as prices go up

The rising cost of fuel is hitting Costa Rican gas stations. San José stations have noticed a 10 to 30 percent decrease in sales, according to the daily Al Día.

Stations such as Primavera and Servicio Aranjuez 77 Oro told the daily that sales are falling hard as prices rise fast and drivers only purchase between 5,000 and 10,000 colones, or about $10 and $20, worth of gas at a time.

Several gas stations in the capital are looking to downsize, Al Día reported.

Prices are set to go up again tomorrow, by ¢60 (almost 12 cents) a liter for regular and super, and ¢88 (17 cents) for diesel.

And the cost could rise further after the National Oil Refinery (RECOPE) requested another ¢17 adjustment (3 cents) for regular, national news media reported yesterday.

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