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Around Boquete on Horseback

Among the popular attractions in Boquete, such as the zipline, Los Quetzales Sanctuary, and Barú Volcano, horseback riding is a good option for those who want to see the countryside at a slower pace.

Various hostels and vacation agencies offer organized tours for those interested in riding through the quiet mountain town on horseback; but if you’re interested in going on your own time, look up Eduardo Cano, a Boquete resident who has rented out his nine horses to tourists for the past 20 years (507-720-1750, 507-6629-0814).

Cano offers flexibility all around. You can simply knock on his front door, tell him when you want to begin and for how long, and he’ll set you up.

For $10 per hour, Cano provides you with a guide, a horse and the best views of Boquete. He will plan out the trails you take, depending on how long you want to ride.

Two or three hours will give you enough time to head to the south end of Boquete on dirt roads and wooded trails and circle around the valley to the north. Before you climb into the hills that overlook the town, you will trot by small coffee farms and settle into the saddle along the Río Caldera.

Sergio Tulio (pictured here), a guide and longtime friend of Cano, is quiet but in control, and makes sure the horses behave as you cross the river to start the ascent. He has lived in Boquete for 25 years and has 10 years of experience riding horses and guiding.

The horses know the terrain, so they stay together on the way up. As the terrain levels out and the valley is revealed around each bend in the road, some riders may choose to pick up the pace. The views are stunning from this vantage point above the river.

After passing charming cliff-side homes and small neighborhoods, the road turns to pavement and the landscape offers sweeping views of the BoqueteValley and surrounding mountains. If you time it right, you’ll hear the church bells ringing from the town center after morning Mass.



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