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Chicken Plant To Process 240,000 Birds a Week

A Guatemalan company has completed an $8 million upgrade in two of its food production plants in Costa Rica. The improvements will quadruple the capacity of a chicken processing plant in Grecia, west of San José, as well as another plant that produces chicken, pork and beef stocks under the brand Aliansa, according to daily La República.

The company, Corporación Multi-Inversiones, is the owner of the Pollo Campero chicken restaurants, as well as the Pollo Rey brand of chicken sold in supermarkets, among various other investments and business ventures.

It acquired both factories two years ago when it bought the chicken brand Propokodusa. The improvements to the chicken processing plant will raise its production capacity to 240,000 chickens per week, from 65,000.

“Currently, it is our most modern plant in all of Central America, and it allows us to improve our hygiene standards and automate production,” said Mauricio Ruffati, Costa Rica Coordinator for Corporación Multi Inversiones.

Mario Calderón, director of communications and image for the company, said its brands in Costa Rica hold 45% of the market share.



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