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Police Kiosk Urged in Granada’s Central Park

Dear Nica Times:

Thank you for your coverage of a violent robbery in Granada (NT, Dec. 1, 2006) which occurred Nov. 18, 2006.

A suspect identified by the victims is now in custody awaiting trial, set for March 1. To prevent a recurrence, certain Granada residents have requested that a police kiosk be located a few paces from where the photo in your article was snapped.

It is felt that police presence there could and should be more visible, as it has been the site of previous attacks, and is near the Central Park.

So far, that request has resulted in procrastination. I, for one, would appreciate it if the Mayor s Office of Granada would cut through the red tape and help the National Police keep our city safe by hastening the construction of such a kiosk.

John Bergman



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