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Still Hopping at Barra;Northern Pacific Picks Up

Still plenty of fish at Barra Colorado, on the northern Caribbean coast, where the Río Colorado Lodge last week reported that Mississippi angler John Crawford in one day went three tarpon to the boat for five hooked, and Texas fishermen Bill Sanstrom and Eugene Lindsey scored four of the silver bullets out of 15 in the air in three days on the water.

They also scored a 30-pound wahoo on the outside, and some snook and a few rainbow bass back in the river, the lodge reported.

Things are picking up on the northern Pacific coast at long last, with Wetass II skipper Sonny Kocsis reporting 18 sails in the air with six caught and released, along with one marlin released out and three others hooked and 20 big dorado for the table.

Look for action to continue improving in that region in coming weeks. Off Playa Carrillo, Kitty Cat captain Bob Robb reported one boat said conditions look good, but he has his boat out of the water.

No reports from boats on the central coast, but J.P. Sportfishing’s Web site shows two sails and a marlin caught on their boats in the past week.

Things are also slow in the Golfito area, on the southern Pacific coast, where Roy’s Zancudo Lodge reports a lot of rain, but said a boat out of nearby Crocodile Bay reportedly got a couple of sails last week.

No recent word from anyone fishing LakeArenal or Caño Negro Lagoon, in northern Costa Rica, though the last word I received on Caño Negro was a lot of tarpon there, coming upriver from the coast.

We really have to struggle to get fishing reports this time of year, and will appreciate word from any anglers, skippers and resort and hotel operators. I need reports by no later than Monday morning each week, the earlier the better.



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