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Tico Times Dons New Look For 50th Anniversary

THE Tico Times, Central America’s leading English-language newspaper, will turn 50 in May – and to celebrate, the paper landing on newsstands and thresholds starting next Friday will have a new look.


More than a year in the making, the new Tico Times design will be modern, stylish and easier to read.


“In celebration of The Tico Times’ 50th anniversary, we decided to give a new look to the award-winning Tico Times as well as its sister paper, The Nica Times,” General Manager Abby Daniell said.


The redesign, which also encompasses the “Weekend” cultural section, includes a new look for the paper’s masthead and emblematic sun; a printing change that will make all the pages full-color, instead of the current black-and-white and color mix; a full-color bar on the cover page announcing what’s inside; more photos and improved graphics; and an ad-free, two-page spread for opinion pieces and letters. Graphic designer María Fe Alpízar spearheaded the design effort. Look for it on newsstands Jan. 27.



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