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Limón Police Officer Killed in Shootout

LIMÓN police officer Tomás EmelFajardo, 37, was killed the afternoon ofNov. 12 during a shootout in hot pursuitof a group suspected of robbing a check exchangebusiness in the Caribbean portcity minutes before.Three suspects have been detained inconnection with the killing. They areidentified by police as having the lastnames of Salas, 26, Guevara, 26, andCastrillo, 31.Authorities said two other suspectsmay have been involved.The suspected burglars shot first, LaNación reported, and police returned fire.Fajardo died while in pursuit of thesuspects in a private car borrowed from afellow police officer – because no officialvehicles were available. Fajardo had beenwith the police force since 1999.

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