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Tram Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

THE Rain Forest Aerial Tram is celebrating10 years this month of treetopviews of the rain forest. The six-passengergondolas carry people quietly above thetrees putting them face to face with theextreme diversity of wildlife in Costa Rica.It affords panoramic views at a relaxingbut quick pace over an “expansive, colorfulnatural garden,” the company said in astatement.“Our goal is to show visitors the differentlevel of the forest, where there is a hugeamount of flora and fauna that live freelyand not behind bars – just how it should be,”said Susy Sequeira, the company’s spokeswoman.Beyond its role as a tourist attraction,Sequiera said, it also makes substantialenvironmental and social contributions.“We’ve protected an amazing amount ofnatural wealth,” she said, which includes475 hectares (1,175 acres) of Caribbean slopeforest that the tram’s property protectsand makes it a buffer zone for the borderingBraulio Carrillo National Park.THE company also offers jobs and specializedtraining.“It’s important to recognize that some ofour guides were, initially, constructionworkers who came looking for work,”Sequiera said. “When the project started,the founders (of the project) helped theseindividuals become tour guides.”The tram is wheelchair accessible, has alodge, a restaurant, a video center, trails andguided hikes. It’s open from 6:30 a.m.-4p.m. For info, call 257-6053 or see the Website


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