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LTG Stages Another Winner

THE Little Theatre Group has staged another winner!Ivan Menchell’s “The Cemetery Club” comes totragicomic life in the LTG’s latest production, whichopened last Friday at the Blanche Brown Theatre andruns this weekend and next (see box).Under the able direction of Sheila McCann Morrisonand starring LTG mainstays Susan Liang, Lisa DeFusoand Barbara Adams, the play wrestles poignantly – andhilariously – with the dilemma of moving on vs. hangingon in the face of inevitable change and loss.Three Jewish widows, old friends for years, meetfaithfully every month to visit their husbands’ graves –hence the play’s title. Dowdy Doris (DeFuso) remainsdramatically devoted to her husband Abe’s memory fouryears after his death, while flamboyant Lucille (Liang),whose husband Harry’s infidelities plagued their marriage,proclaims herself more than ready to start “playingthe field.”MEANWHILE, quiet, ambivalent Ida (Adams) istorn between loyalty to the memory of her husband,Murray, and a possible new romantic interest, Sam thewidowed baker (Harry Towne), who quickly becomes avital and interesting character in his own right.The action develops swiftly amid brilliantly funnydialogue and surprises, as the characters steadily revealtheir depth and humanity. In one unforgettable scene,Lucille and Ida suffer palpably painful hangovers. Andthe brief appearance of Mildred, the quintessentiallyJewish Other Woman (flawlessly portrayed by RandyGritz) is comic relief at its finest.Up to the very last memorable line, this is a wonderfulplay. Don’t miss it! (Note: The LTG had to cancel last Saturday’s andSunday’s performances because the play’s male lead,Harry Towne, became ill. Check with the LTG (355-1623) for updated info on this weekend’s performances.)


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