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Former Boxing Champ Accused of Assault

MASAYA, Nicaragua – Former internationalboxing champion Ricardo “ElMatador” Mayorga was unable to attendhis scheduled title-bout promotional pressconference in New York City on Mondaybecause of legal problems in hisNicaraguan hometown of Masaya.Mayorga, 29, was accused last weekof assaulting and threatening the life ofanother man under conditions that werenot made clear. A judge in Masayaordered an arrest warrant for Mayorga lastThursday, but the former boxing champturned himself in to the judge 24 hourslater to formally receive the accusation.Mayorga insisted he is innocent, andtold the judge that the person whoattacked the plaintiff must have beensomeone else who was driving the formerchamp’s car that day.“If it had been me that beat that guyup, you guys know what I am capable ofas a fighter; I think he would be in thehospital or broken in half,” said Mayorga,who lost his championship belts lastDecember in a loss to Cory Spinks.Mayorga posted a $316 bond andwalked out of court.The Nicaraguan boxer, who has a lifetimerecord of 27 wins (23 by KO) and 4loses, is scheduled to fight Puerto RicanFélix “Tito” Trinidad in New York’sMadison Square Garden Oct. 2 for thewelterweight titles. Don King is promotingthe fight.


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