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New Relief Map of Costa Rica Released

THE company Librería Francesa hasreleased the newest authorized reliefmap of Costa Rica, based on data compiledby the National GeographyInstitute (IGN).Previously, the most recent reliefmap of the country was from 1975,according to institute officials.Libreria Francesa released an initialbatch of just 500 plastic relief maps,which company president Ramón Menabelieves will run out within a month’stime.“WE have a positive problem –we’re going to run out before we get thenew ones,” Mena said.He said the Librería Francesa, whichhe helped found in 1977, should bereceiving a shipment of 3,000 maps inOctober of this year. He said he is negotiatingwith the Colombian companyRoyter Publications, where the maps arebeing printed, to see if an earlier shipmentis possible.Mena said he has wanted to producea relief map of Costa Rica for nearly 30years now, but he had a problem with“cash flow.” He said a $50,000 loanfrom the Association for the Developmentof Small Businesses(ACORDE) made the production possible.“I feel very fulfilled, because it’s adream I’ve had for 30 years,” Mena saidof the map, released last month.Geography officials also expressedsatisfaction with the map.“It’s been a few years since we’vefound ourselves with an accurate map ofthe country,” institute Assistant DirectorMax Lobo said. “It’s a very appropriatetype of product.”Lobo said the map provides essentialupdated information for students,business leaders, members of thetourism industry and government institutions.ONLY the geography institute,which falls under the control of thePublic Works and Transport Ministry(MOPT), is authorized to approve orrelease new maps of the country, accordingto a 1944 law.Another relief map had been releasedin February, IGN officials said, but waspulled from the market after numerouserrors were discovered.Mena said Librería Francesa hasalready made sales in the United States,France and Spain.The plastic maps cost ¢19,500($45.34) each.


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