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Life in Juan Santamaría’s Costa Rica: A look back

As the country celebrates Juan Santamaría Day, columnist Mitzi Stark takes a look at the Costa Rica of 1856.

Costa Rica celebrates Juan Santamaría Day

Costa Rica, lacking an army since 1948, doesn’t have many war heroes.

Five (debated) things about Costa Rica’s National Hero Juan Santamaría?

Some historians and sociologists say the original construction of the Juan Santamaría myth was, well, convenient.

‘Monument to the Farmer’ to return to Alajuela

For many years, the monument stood in Alajuela’s Prospero Fernandez Park, but after the piece was vandalized, it was moved to the sculpture garden at the Museum of Costa Rican Art in La Sabana Park.

What is Juan Santamaría Day?

Since dismantling its army in 1948, Costa Rica has been lacking in war heroes. Juan Santamaría, a poor drummer boy from Alajuela, is the only exception.
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